Processed Fabrics

Qualities and Weaving Pattern

We are dealing in different Qualities and weaving patterns.


These are some Qualities on which we are making.
Besides this we can make any Quality as per customer demand.
76*48          35/35       127-300 cm
76*52          35/35       127-300 cm
76*66          30/30       127-300 cm
76*68          30/30       127-300 cm
94*60          20-20       127-300 cm

Weaving Patterns

We are dealing in different weaving patterns.
1. Plain Weave 1/1
2. Twill Weave 2/1
3. Drill Weave  3/1
4. Herring bone
5. Half Panama
6. Full Panama
7. Jacquard
8. Dobby

Grey fabrics

We are Dealing in different Qualities of fabrics in both 100% cotton and Polly cotton. In Cotton we are dealing in different Quality having different finishes(soft and hard).
In Polly cotton we are working in different ratio and Non Ratio fabrics.

Printed fabric

We are dealing in Different printing designs and Finishes.Colures separations are proper. Quality is always on priority.

Dyed fabric

We are Dealing in Different colures of fabric as per customer order.Dyeing Quality is good. We really take care for different issues of Dying fabrics like colour variations and colour faintness.

Jacquard fabrics

We are dealing in different Jacquard fabric.In different designs, weight, count and colour jacquard fabric is available.

Knitted fabric

We also deal in different Knitted Fabric. Single Jersey, Fleece, Yarn Dyed Qualities are some Knitted stuff.